Author: Daniel Chartock

Daniel is a matchless pioneer behind the intersection of communications, business and technology, creating value for the clients TAG Media Group serves.

In the beginning, technological presence was valued in the hands of big businesses.  Over time, advancements made it affordable to small businesses, until finally, everyone could afford to have that power in the palm of their hands.  While much of the world was trying to keep up with the advancements, Daniel was looking ahead to tomorrow, and how the global stage would change and evolve, helping new breeds of businesses succeed.  He has worked to deliver spectacular and impactful digital and integrated traditional media campaigns for everyone from personal brands to startups, established companies to Fortune 500 companies, and leads TAG Media Group to develop campaigns and strategies that help clients reach their goals and deliver results. Daniel stresses not only the importance of technical pursuit, but he also values the transparency behind communication.  Each client he's overseen has helped fuel TAG Media Group's momentum towards revolutionizing the industry through an ageless brand.  Clients including Walc (App), MekaMon (the world's first augmented reality gaming system), Paytronage, Soledad O'Brien, The PowHERful Foundation, Jermaine Dupri, TWEEDL (App), Barton G Restaurants, The Ainsworth and more have been able to take advantage of Daniel's multifaceted expertise.

Daniel focuses on merging traditional media with modern social and digital programs that help move startups and large brands alike forward, and has worked to successfully launch crowdfunding campaigns for clients across a variety of digital channels. Daniel holds a degree in Communications and Business from St. John’s University in New York.